"I cannot say enough positive things about working with Bret! In the past 6 months, with his coaching, I was able to make incredible strides in my personal and career goals. Bret provides a safe and judgement free environment which allowed me to dig deep and identify the source of my artist blocks and ways to overcome them. His coaching sessions are catered to suit each individual—which made each experience personal and genuine. My way of life completely changed after I adapted to his goal setting methodology. He is a wonderful listener and has a fierce passion for assisting others in achieving their goals. Not to mention, he is an incredible human being. I would, with great confidence, recommend Bret to anyone."

-Jay Philip Marlow


"Working with Bret Shuford has been an incredible experience. He has helped me to take huge steps forward in achieving many personal and career goals, often pushing me gently into uncomfortable territory with incredible results. Bret's passion for coaching is very evident in his work, making our sessions joyous, safe, and useful. I highly recommend working with Bret."

-Jackson D. Cline