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Mix Up Your Training With These Insider Tips

So many of these students are looking forward to getting their college training but then also set the expectation that once they get that training under their belt, they are done. Training doesn’t stop after your degree. You must always be studying. Here are my top suggestions to help you find the places to study that will help you uplevel your performance AND connect you with the people you want to know.

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How To 'Take The Note'

How many times have you been in a note session, and you hear the other actors defensively explaining their choices on stage? It’s because they feel exposed. It’s a natural reaction to be sensitive in that situation. We’ve all done it at some point, but here’s something to remember before your next notes session with a director.

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How To Create A Stellar Audition Book (checklist included!)

Perhaps the most valuable and necessary tool for a soon-to-be Broadway performer is your audition book. This book is something you will lug around EVERYWHERE, and since it’s a shared item with every pianist that you meet in the room, it becomes a reflection of your preparedness. Here is my checklist for creating an audition book that will help you shine at your next audition.

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Storytelling, not Story-Selling

On paper, you are golden, but even though you keep going in for musical theater auditions, you can’t seem to get past the initial call.

What gives?

You have taken the voice lessons you thought were necessary. You’ve attended the casting director workshops and are following all of their advice to a tee. But still, you feel like you can’t make it over that invisible hurdle to a callback.

Well, I have a few things to keep in mind when approaching an audition to give you the competitive edge you need.

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Nail The Audition Series: Acting Auditions

In the final installment of our Nail The Audition series, we’re going to take a look at your acting auditions. First and foremost, you are your own best acting expert. Only you can know what techniques work best for you, but these are my suggestions based on years of working in the industry, both in front of the table and behind. Acting auditions are going to vary based on the project, writing, director, producer, and genre. Please use your own good judgment when applying these suggestions.

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