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New York Newbie Series #2: How To Get Your Foot In The Door

You’ve finally made the transition to the big city. So, now what? Like most eager actors, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get seen by all the people that need to see me?” In this edition of the New York Newbie series, I’m sharing my “wish I knew then” advice for getting your foot in the door and building relationships with industry contacts and more.

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Is An Agent the Key To Booking Work?

The decision whether or not to find an agent is one of constant discussion among actors. However, you never see much discussion over what mindset you should be in when you start your representation search, and that’s unfortunate. Teaming with an agent is a very personal and sometimes frustrating process for an actor, and finding a good agent can be even harder. So you want to be in a good place before you begin.

Here are three questions to help you take stock of your mindset and career before you start searching for an agent.

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Looking For Success? Then Keep Talking!

We could all use a quick refresher on the fundamentals of running your business as an actor. It’s easy to get bogged down by wanting to be creative; we forget that we have to run a business too. Communication is key. So, in case you need the friendly reminder, here’s my go-to list of fundamentals for stellar career-building communication.

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