Storytelling, not Story-Selling

On paper, you are golden, but even though you keep going in for musical theater auditions, you can’t seem to get past the initial call.

What gives?

You have taken the voice lessons you thought were necessary. You’ve attended the casting director workshops and are following all of their advice to a tee. But still, you feel like you can’t make it over that invisible hurdle to a callback.

I hear from a lot of clients asking me what else they can be doing to sweeten the “package” they are selling. The key is to stop selling, and start telling.
No one wants to sit through a voice lesson, so don’t treat your audition like it’s one. If you’ve done the technical work, and chances are you have, then the only thing you should be thinking about is, “What is the story in my song?”  

Get back to the basics of the storytelling with these three questions:

  1. Who am I singing to? (P.S. it’s not the casting directors.)
  2. Where are we? (It’s not an audition room.)
  3. What’s the beginning, middle and end of the story I’m telling with this song?

Trust that your technique will shine when you are connected to these deeper elements than just the mechanics of an audition.

You’ll be connected to the moment. And you’re going to walk away from your auditions having created an experience for the people in the room, including yourself, that will remind you of why you came into the theater to start. It wasn’t to sell yourself, or to book work, but to tell stories.

Don’t wait to book the job to make that happen. You can start today.

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