Live Your Best #BroadwayLife

The number one question I hear from clients is, “What does it take to make it on Broadway?” They think it’s about knowing the right person, singing the right song, or executing the perfect timing. However, the key to success is maintenance.
Yep, plain, unglamorous maintenance. But before you get disappointed, let me explain.
It takes a lot of hard work and planning to learn to balance and maintain your body, mind, spirit, money, and relationships in order to find longevity in your career. So, yes, the lights of Broadway are enticing and can make anything feel possible, but don’t wait until you “make it” to start putting your maintenance into place. You might end up finding that by creating a system of healthy habits now, your Broadway dream will happen that much quicker.  
Here are five ideas for creating a maintenance system for yourself whether you’re dreaming of being on Broadway or you’re already there.

  1. Body Maintenance - Regular massages or chiropractic visits may sound like a luxury, but when you are doing 8 shows a week, it is a necessity. Find people you trust that do good work, and if money is an issue, there are service providers who take insurance or offer special discounts to performers.
  2. Mind Maintenance - Therapy is like going to the gym for your mind; it keeps your thoughts healthy and balanced. If you need help finding a therapist, The Actors Fund‎ is an excellent resource to find ones in your area. If you are on a tight budget, they can help connect you to a therapist that works on a sliding scale, so don’t let money be an excuse. Even though a spot in a Broadway show is a great thing, there is a lot of stress that comes with the responsibility, so you want to ensure you choose healthy ways to handle it.
  3. Spirit Maintenance - Meditation is essential and scientifically proven to keep anxiety low and performance high. Emily Fletcher at Ziva Meditation introduced me to my meditation practice, so I highly recommend her. If you are looking for an on-the-go tool try the Calm app. And if meditation isn’t your thing, any (non-work) activity that feeds your soul and brings you joy is going to fuel your spiritual well-being.
  4. Money Maintenance - Keeping track of your business expenses for tax purposes is one of the most overlooked tasks by new actors. You can save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting into a good practice of keeping your receipts in order now, before there’s a looming tax deadline. A great free, online resource for help with tracking expenses is It will help you turn that boring task into something fun and stress-free.
  5. Relationship Maintenance - Keeping in touch with the people you meet and work with should be your number one priority in this business. Sending postcards to casting directors may seem tedious, but the energy of staying in touch with others will come back to you ten-fold. And it will bring you a deeper sense of connection that you can rely one when you’re in between bookings or need guidance from your peers.

For more tips and advice on maintenance or just to ask me any questions, schedule a FREE 20-minute phone call. I’d love to help you get a maintenance plan in place so that you are ready when Broadway calls.